About Karuba

Karuba was created thanks to our fascination with the Baltic gold and our admiration for its natural beauty. Perfect nature gives us amber and we are proud of presenting you special and unique amber jewelry because only amber emanates warmth, magic and energy. 

We adore the warmth and colour of amber. I have been interested in amber since I was a little girl. Then I enjoyed walking along the beach and looking for this unusual stone. We love the variety of amber colours and I appreciate its shapes and natural forms.

We are happy to show you our unusual amber jewelry. Our amber collection can be  characterized by classical beauty and is often emphasized by its natural form. All our items are handmade and designed with great attention to detail.

The name ‘Karuba’ means admiration for amber natural beauty and in Persian stands for the magic stone which steals colour and value of gold.

Amber keeps its own secrets. Each piece of amber is different, each has its own mystery, each has its own power, beauty and warmth, which you cannot see in any other stone.

A woman is absolute beauty for us and jewelry should only emphasize her natural grace. Amber, thanks to its colour, warmth and natural beauty, gives a woman special charm.

Here I would like to present our amber jewelry. We work with a few talented  artists who design unique and original jewelry.

We are fascinated with amber, its beauty and power.

Amber is something more than just drop of resin. It is a raw material that was formed around 45-60 million years ago – timeless and unique jewelry that accompanies modern women.

Our motto is organic, harmony and nature